I'm crying again... );

sry 4 not blogging 4 a long period of time..
eventhough there are a lot of things happened during dat period...
for example, CAS trip (juz finished last weekend), hockey match n a lot more that i cant think bout them now..

i jz want 2 share my feeling with others.. as u can see from the title of the post, yes.. i'm crying again.. ); i feel so guilty towards my dad n my aunt.. they received warning letters from petronas regarding my underperformance in IB.. i didnt meet the cut off point.. i just managed to get 27 out of 42 n the cut off point is 35.. i feel so bad.. last night, when i was at stadium to watch man u match vs malaysia XI, my fther called me.. he asked me bout diz thing.. without any intention, i rouse up my voice bcoz the stadium is noisy. But i think my dad feel the other way round, n he asked whther i'm angry wif him or what.. by dat tyme, i feel so guilty coz i didnt mean 2 hurt him.. i feel so stress... coz of course i dont want 2 crush anyone's hope towards me..but i have tried my best.. (maybe it still not the best act) i'm blaming myself rite now.. n jz now, my aunt picked me from dshire n treated me for dinner.. but i knw.. the main thing is to talk bout the letter.. n yes!! dats true.. we did talk bout it.. n i cried in her car just now bcoz i feel so bad.. i'm feel so guilty... IB in sri kdu sucks!! pet also add in pressure 2 me.. they dont rly know our situation here.. wut they know is juz simply chnge the policy.. wth!! they should investigate further.. n not simply do generalization... come on!! u r 1 of the most making-profit company n u stil dunno wut 2 do!! even students like us can think wisely!! GOD!! plzz.. help me.. my friend said dat if U put us in the situation.. U will also put us out from the situation.. (sry,my english is not dat good.. dats y english A1 doesnt really help).. but for the time being, i still believe dat anythings happen for a reason.. so, i hope.. U will show me the reason in 1 year time.. thx...


At July 22, 2009 at 8:34 AM , Blogger fakhruddin said...

takpe. aku faham. even aku dapat calculus B+ pun ayah aku dah marah. cuba lagi ek...

bak kata dr. asmadi,
"tak dapat, cuba lagi! tak dapat, cuba lagi! tak dapat, cuba lagi!" huhu

At July 22, 2009 at 11:40 AM , Blogger ha-rith said...

ade perkara yg mgkin kite rasa baik utk diri, sbnarnye bagi Allah, tidak baik utk kite.
dan ade perkara yg mgkin kite rasa tidak baik utk diri, dan sbnarnye bagi Allah, baik utk diri kite.
kembali pada Allah, kan dulu kt star kita belajo yg kalau kite sedih, 1st kembali pd Allah, kemudian keluarga dan seterusnya rakan kite.

At July 22, 2009 at 10:40 PM , Blogger Eileen C said...

hang in there joaq. everything will be alright! go joaquin

At July 22, 2009 at 11:10 PM , Blogger izzati ellyani said...

never give up hope!
chayok2..!!! (^__^)


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