friday,14th august 2009..

diz day was a damn-pack day.. it was a non stop action for me..
huhuh =p

7.30: wake up from my bed and get prepared to go to school for patriotic run 2009..

8.30: the run begin!!

9.00: reach the finish line.. but sad bcoz couldnt manage to secure a top-20 place.. =(

1.30: treasure hunt!! once again.. we lose.. huhuh =( bcoz it doesnt really test our fitness + un-clear direction/tulips.. yo estoy muy confudido!!

7.00: hockey match between STAROBA and SUKMA LADIES!! (1st time i played at GK... bcoz the GK wants to play as forward and i also feel quite tired) sad + happy coz conceded 1 goal..

11.20: karaoke time!!

11.40: midnite movie!! district 9.. fell asleep.. huhuh =( maybe damn tired~

2.00: uptown d'kota.. eat and window shopping!!

3.00: home...

4.00: zzzz......


At August 17, 2009 at 9:05 PM , Blogger fakhruddin said...

eleh district 9 tak best pun. tak rugi ko tak tengok. huhu


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