~sobbing~ );

hye all...

how r u guys? wishing u guys all the best ir ur lyfe.. (wishing for me too..)
hmm, just finish my mocks exam last wdnesday... dun rly giv my best shot..
hopefully, can do my best in my final.. (not dat hpefully, it's a MUST!!!.. its a DO-or-Die mission)
but thx to my heart.. i dunno whther its a good feeling or not.. but my heart always tell me dat "i still hav time to prove it and yes!! i can do it!!".. so, i think.. yeah!! i can DO IT!! like a Nike Swoosh: JUST DO IT!!! hee =D so guys.. do pray 4 me k!! with my efforts and pray frm u guys.. i hope i can meet the cut off points... and pursue my stdy abroad.. lancaster uni probably.. LANCASTER!! wait for me!!! hehe =D

another thing is.. hmm, money probz.. i'm so sad for this.. just now, i read my sis post on my bro's wall on fb.. suddenly feel like crying+sad+guilty... crying because my sis wrote that even she felt guilty to ask for her extra class fees from my dad as my dad asked her to asked my bro whether he can help him to pay for the internet bill and astro bill.. i feel sad because of this thing.. i dunno how to describe it in words but i hope u guys do understnd why i feel like this.. i feel guilty because i just asked my parents to deposit rm50 into my accounts as i'm short of money.. i feel guilty because i think i'm burdening them.. dear GOD, please.. i pray to u.. please... give us the way out from these circumstances.. i dunno whether i still can afford this pressure or not.. i pray to u GOD.. please.. ); (tears broke down)
sorry guys.. its not dat i wanna u guys to feel sorry for me.. but.. it just that i want to express what i feel here.. deep inside my heart... =( i dunno how long i can stand for this...

i think.. thats all for the time being.. i start to sobbing.. i dun want my friend to hear me sobbing..
out first.. till we meet again~


At April 4, 2010 at 5:56 PM , Blogger izzati ellyani said...

hey.. i'm wishing u all the best in ur life too.. out of sudden, terlalu kat sini.. hoho..

be strong.. everything gonna be just fine.. keep praying to allah as HE knows what is the best for you.. insyaallah.. =)


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