karnival futsal PEMBINA

the first time ever aku msuk tournament dpt placing!!! ala.. nie smue sbb teammates aku yg hebat2 blake.. tanpa diorg siapela aku... huhuh.. congratz legumes FC!!!
hehe =)

21 MAC 2009



2 goals in 2 games respectively..

believe it? not really right? but.. u nd 2 believe it diz tyme... huhuh... as in anaconda 07, i used to play as a defence but rite now in staroba team.. due to short of players.. they asked me to play as a left half or even a striker(most usually in the last 2 games). thats the reason why i can score a goal in da 2 games.. but both r juz a simple goal.. simply tap it into the goalpost as the ball is juz in front of me... wateva it is, i'm still proud of it and myself.. but there's still a lot of things i nd 2 improve.. da seniors said dat take da goal as ur turnin point and motivate u 2 be a better player in future.. hmm,thx guys!! i'll try 2 improve myself..i hope dat i can be a better player like y'all guyz!! n mybe i can be a striker in da next match as well.. hehe =p

staroba vs enigma = 1-2
staroba vs misc = 2-2



hmm,from da topic we knw dat sum1 now r in a mood of jealousy.. whos dat guy??
its me!!! i'm da 1 who's jealous wif all my fwenz's life outta there.. i'm jumpin from one blog to one blog... see n read all their interesting n awesome life!! they went to the mall wif fwenz.. go swimming wif fwenz.. going all da way by cars.. havin such a great tyme 2gether!! but me!! juz sit down there in the house.. lonely... jz doin da same things over n over again.. such a boring n mundane lyfe!! so lame!!! i hate my lyfe!! guyz, i wanna u knw dat when u read my blog.. i'm jealous wif ur lyfe!! seriusly, afta da spm finished n get da rsult, i alrdy tot of havin my own campus lyfe!! but suddenly.. now.. evrything does not run as wut i've thought b4... so sad... i'm feel like crying... still havin my school life.. it sucks!!! havin meal wif all da scndry students, share da same sports activities n days, wth!!! i dunno.. i think diz IB lyfe is one of da worst moment in my lyfe!!! i wanna ends all diz asap... plzz GOD!! help me!! help me so dat i can live a better life!!


i'm wondering....

while i'm surfin da net last nite.. suddenly sumtin cross on my mind.. i'm wondering whether i can hav a car as my besday present or not.. eventhough i knw diz thing is quite impossible 4 me, i'm jz post it here.. on my blog... so dat mybe sum1 dat super kind can fulfill my wish.. i'm gonna appreciate dat person sooooooooooooo much!!!! (but i knw its ridiculous rite..) nvm.. jz keep on hoping n wondering...



i thought its over..

date: 21st feb 2009

msti korg pikir lain kan bile bce title post nie..
sumtin like loving2 stuff, n other else..
haha =p nope!! its not bout dat dude.. its about..............


heheh =) aku igtkn kerjaya nie dh tamat abile aku mnjejakkan kaki kluar dari star... tp nk buat cmne.. aku terpaksa... hehe.. afta standard test abes around 11am, ktorg pon igt nk blik tp kne tahan ngan guard cz deir kate xley blik slgi blum pkl 12.30.. spe tak bengang bile korg nk blik tp kne tahan coz blom smpi masanya.. klo ader sumtin 2 do xpe,nie.. mcm org bodo tunggu kat situ.. xde bnde nk buat..so,ape lg.. hatta terlintas la di fikiran beta utk meneruskan kerjaya dlm bidang 'fly' nie.. hehe =)
lokasi ditemui.. di belakang kantin.. setelah meng-usha.. line clear!! so,aku kne lompat dlu.. siot tol bebudak nie.. mntg2 aku da most experienced guy in diz stuff,so akula kne.. huhuh.. berbekalkan pengalaman,tenaga dan tekad... aku mebuat lompatan.. and.. yes!! i did it!! lompatan pertama berjaya!! hooray!! pastu aku tnggu kwn2 aku.. siot tol.. lmenye dorg nk lompat.. cz line mcm xclear sgt.. huuhuh.. cuak gak aku.. afta a period of time,kami seramai 3org pon berjaya mloloskan diri.. hehe =) n then, we walk away back home safely!!
hehe.. itu je aku nk cter.. dats my first tyme fly in my new place~