hye guyz.. sry 4 da super late posting.. hehe =)
it is all bcoz of lack of free time.. nowadays, assignments keep on coming and they piled up like a mountain n my mind also feel like a volcano waiting to ERUPT!!! huhuh.. so sad.. diz is all bcoz of IB... i wonder how my life gonna be if i'm not takin IB.. it should be better of coz!!!

oh ya.. talkin bout IB.. i'm startin to think bout my future.. n sry 2 say.. i keep on thnking that i'll not have a chance to fly abroad... so sad.. =( the probabilities now is so low...
-math HL is damn hard!!
-english A1 is also one of da toughest subject i ever had in my life!!
-spanish which before this i thought that it can help me to get 35 but now.. it is also gettin harder n tougher.. i cant undrstand the words... the change are too obvious n drastic..
i'm thnking of chnging my math HL to SL.. but what subject can i change to HL... my english is not so good.. so i dont think i can change it to HL.. chemistry? its alrdy one year past.. so, i dont think i could manage to catch up.. so, GOD!! plss help me!!
to my jun 08 seniors.. i think u guyz are so lucky!!! u can change ur sbject to BM A1 n english B...it rly2 helps u guyz a lot... i'm wondering my life 2 be like yours.. but i think it is nearly impossible... (i'm also wondering hows my jan 08 seniors face it...) neway,gdluck in da IB final exam k!!

and tonight.. 9th may 2009... my friend and i went for a movie back to back at cathay cineplex dmnsara... it was fun as both movie are superb!! firstly.. we watch star trek.. its damn cool!! i suggest u guyz watch it...

n then, after that, we watched x-men the origin at 12.10a.m... hehe =)

after the movie finished.. we walked back to d'shire by our own.. it took us 50 minutes from mutiara dmnsara to our house... hehe =)

ok.. c ya in the next post k!!
adios amigos!!
wish me luck n pray 4 me in my exam k.. thx!!