friday,14th august 2009..

diz day was a damn-pack day.. it was a non stop action for me..
huhuh =p

7.30: wake up from my bed and get prepared to go to school for patriotic run 2009..

8.30: the run begin!!

9.00: reach the finish line.. but sad bcoz couldnt manage to secure a top-20 place.. =(

1.30: treasure hunt!! once again.. we lose.. huhuh =( bcoz it doesnt really test our fitness + un-clear direction/tulips.. yo estoy muy confudido!!

7.00: hockey match between STAROBA and SUKMA LADIES!! (1st time i played at GK... bcoz the GK wants to play as forward and i also feel quite tired) sad + happy coz conceded 1 goal..

11.20: karaoke time!!

11.40: midnite movie!! district 9.. fell asleep.. huhuh =( maybe damn tired~

2.00: uptown d'kota.. eat and window shopping!!

3.00: home...

4.00: zzzz......

time constraints...

Due to time constraints, i cant blogging 4 a long period of time..
sorry 2 all my followers (if there are... )
from the last time i post on my blog till now.. a lot of things happened..
i cant really remember all those things in detail but i just wanna write what in my mind now..

1. mount nuang expedition.. we started tracking at 1 a.m on friday night.. they are 10 of us.. (hazman, ariffin, eugene, firdaus, izzu, azlan, thaqi, khif, akmal and I) we went for this expedition for junior CAS hours, khif and junior 1st time trekking, and preparation for patriotic run.. hehe =)
we slept at kem lolo and started trekking to the peak of the mount at 9. we managed 2 reached the peak at 1 which is pretty fast.. then we trekking down and reach the end point at 8. diz 1 is juz a simple time log. for more details, u guys can get it at hazman(my friend) fb and multiply account. it was a nice trip!! thx evrybody!!

2. pressures keep on coming as petronas sent me a warning letter for not meet the cut off point.. they sent it to my father and aunty as well because they are the guarento.. they tried to talk to me.. it was a sad moment.. i broke my tears down.. i feel so tense!! sry~ =(

i cant think of any for this moment (dats the reason y u need 2 update ur blog frequently.. so dat u'll not 4get any of ur precious moment).. i'll update it later if it comes across my mind..

adios mis amigos~